Who We Are

North America’s Finest Display Showcase Manufacturer

In 1985 Vega Manufacturing (then Lentia Manufacturing) started developing a European-style showcase that was “cooled right to the top,” says Kollenberg, who managed the feat by equipping the cases with a unique, computerized air-flow, system that maintains optimum temperatures under even the most adverse conditions. Solid-State components and a coolant injection system result in trouble-free operations and energy savings of at least 20 percent over competing models.

In March of 1991, Lentia Manufacturing (The original founder of Vega Mfg Ltd), one of a trio of Lentia Companies, closed its doors for the last time. Prior to it’s closing, Lentia carved a name for itself as one of the premier companies to introduce food retailers to the merchandising capabilities of the European-designed showcase.

Walter Kollenberg, past president and design force behind Lentia Manufacturing, was convinced there was still a viable position in the market for a company providing upscale, custom showcases. Kollenberg noted, “with the continued sophistication of the consumer, food retailers, whether they be bakers, delicatessens, chocolate shops, or supermarkets, must continue to upgrade their display systems. Providing a good product does not, in itself ensure success. Retailers must present their products in attractive display settings that not only entice customers into the shop but also create an atmosphere which stimulates impulse purchases.”

Armed with his philosophy of: “quality workmanship and attention to detail” Kollenberg, along with Ricky Fehland, another former Lentia Manufacturing employee, formed Vega Mfg Ltd.

Since opening their doors in March 1991, Vega Mfg Ltd, Port Coquitlam, B.C. has already provided showcases for stores from coast to coast across Canada and the USA. Showcases are also in: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Aruba, Japan, Sweden, Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda.