What We Do

The Embodiment of Design, Functionality and Craftsmanship

All Vega showcases are designed with your product in mind. The internal environment of a showcase is critical to the shelf life of the product. For that reason, Vega showcases are specifically geared to the different needs of baked goods, deli products, chocolates, as well as other specialty products. This means starting with a cooling system that minimizes the inherent drying effect of cold air. Then, where necessary, humidification is added (Vega uses an oversized coil system that fills the entire refrigeration pan to introduce humidity into the showcase) to specifically cater to items particularly sensitive to drying such as cheesecakes, cut meats, and salads.

Stage 3 - Click for larger image Previously, you could only choose from either one-level European design showcase or a North American one with cooling that had all the esthetic appeal of a coffin. In the cooled cases, poor air flow, condensation spots and other technical problems meant food spoiled quickly or froze and profits quickly went into the garbage.

“The essence of a great showcase is when it is filled with product and the lights are switched on the showcase disappears. That is a Vega showcase.” – Walter Kollenberg, President – Vega Manufacturing

Stage 2 - Click for larger image This effect is achieved through a combination of factors, including the use of warm-tone lighting and light coloured extrusions that are pleasing to the eye. The curvature of the glass and the way the interior is designed are also calculated to ensure maximum visibility. The interior design is the result of many years of research.

Stage 1 - Click for larger image The cases are scientifically designed and have gone through years of evolution. The height was carefully chosen to allow customers and staff to communicate across the top – what we call a continuous flow design – and it is set up so the curvature of the glass and the space between the shelves give maximum product visibility: 100 percent on the top, 80-85 percent on the second shelf, and 75 percent on the bottom. Of course, since all our cases are custom designed, the number of shelves and the amenities can be selected to suit each customer’s needs.